33.5 Million Eyes-On-Target
Per Day!

10 million driving hours
per month!

3 million patrons
Per day!

Reach the Hispanic
and Construction Populations!

Expand Your Business
With OAS

OAS is North America’s exclusive and premier network of Lunch Truck, Food Truck, and Mobile Truck Advertising.

Fourteen years since its founding, OAS has proved their integrity with a list of notable brand acceptance and endorsements such as

Wal Mart, Coca Cola Inc., Bank of America, Procter & Gamble, Western Union, Stanley Tools, Sprint, Boost, MetroPCS, Wriggles, Toyota Motor Co. and a host of many others.

OAS’s properties are secured by long term leases assuring quality, service, and performance that reach the Hispanic, Construction, and General Market population.  Our network boasts over 18,000 billboards on 6,200 lunch trucks offering display advertising, in-route sampling, and promotions in 45 DMA’s throughout North America.  We have flawlessly served blue chip advertisers, agencies, and buying firms in finance, radio, construction, entertainment, packaged goods, telecommunications, and a host of other industries.

OAS guarantees through the foundation of its leases and trade relationships that advertisers and media agencies have the highest legal right and protection to promote their brands and services.  Campaign execution is validated by action photos, video, license plate and routing details.  GPS options and pricing are available upon request.

Spot pricing allows the small business owner to implement a campaign in 10 days.  Click here for more information and to submit your request.

Standard Requests for Proposals (RFP’s) should include drilled down data providing OAS the base for matching your market request with its Mobile Food Vehicle database. In the event that a broad market reach is desired, OAS will quote your request on a city/USPS zip basis. Your branding particulars are the rudder to a lunch truck RFP. So bring it and we will deliver it!

OAS is the master leaseholder of the advertising on MFV’s and exclusively contracts as a media provider to Agencies and their buying partners. If your firm does not have an agency of record, please refer to SPOT PRICING, or request an agency referral.