In 1999, OAS harnessed the power of a unique medium; lunch trucks, creating a whole new field of marketing. They have become the master lease holder of food trucks, allowing them to provide advertisers with the best service possible while maximizing viewing potential of ads. With 15 years in business, OAS has forged intimate relationships with the leaders of the industrial catering business providing their customers with a highly effective marketing medium. Their network has expanded to include much of the United States, Australia and Canada. Despite this large network, each marketing campaign is personally carried out by CEO Scot C. Taylor.

Here at Lunch Truck Advertising, LLC we put the put customers first and we mean it! We strive to provide you with the best possible customer service. We choose to make your satisfaction our priority and place your requests first by responding quickly and effectively to any request you may have.

By operating solely under the highest legal protection we are able to promote our partners’ brands and services with complete the highest level of confidence. Every advertiser is insured by $5,000,000 in liability insurance. Validation photos are provided to confirm the execution of advertising campaigns, giving you security in your investment and proof of performance.

Here at OAS we have had the opportunity to work with an extensive list of notable companies such as Coca Cola Inc., Bank of America, Western Union, Wal-Mart, Metro PCS, Boost Mobile, Stanley Tools, ABC Family, Center Point Energy, and many many more.

We look forward to becoming an intricate element of your advertising options.

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Master Lease Holder of Food Truck Advertising Since 1999